RM KL-505 V

€ 425,00


Please note that the photos are from the KL 505 without ventilators. The KL 505 V have two big ventilators on top.

A high power broadband amplifier with variable output power and switchable pre-amplifier (not variable). The output can be adjusted in 6 stages.

Frequency: 3-30 MHz

Power Supply: 12-14VDC

Input energy/power: 10-34A

Transistors: 4x SD-1446

Input power: 1-10W AM/FM/SSB

Output power: 230W max AM/FM/SSB


Fuse: 3x12A

Output power: 6 levels

Size: 190x260x67 mm

Antenna preamplifier: 26 dB

Electronic Switch

Inversion polarity protection