Wouxun KG-D26

€ 159,00

The new Wouxun KG-D26 dPMR is fully compatible, analog and digital, with the Kenwood TK-3401D, TK-3601D and TK-3701D series.

The hidden display is integrated in the strong radio body, which prevent it from damaging. It will clearly show you the:

Channel number

Analogue / digital mode

Current zone

High / low power

Narrow / wide bandwidth

Battery status

Signal status

VOX indicator

DCS/CTCSS indicator

Time slot 1 / 2 indicator

Main features

Three programmable side keys (by software only)

TX/RX indicator

Emergency button

Programmable emergency channels (by software only)

Scan function (activation by software)

VOX function (activation by software)


2000 mAh heavy duty battery pack

Kenwood 2-pin accessory connector

Optional 6-way charger available


Frequency range: 446.0-446.2 MHz

Power output: 0.5 Watt

Channels: 16 channels per zone

Channel spacing: analogue 12.5 KHz, digital 6.25 KHz

Zone: 99 programmable (3 zones preprogrammed)

RX group list: 32 groups, 8 members per group

Scanning list: 16 groups, 16 channels per group

Operating voltage: 7.5V DC +/- 20%

Battery life: battery save off: 24 hours, battery save on: 30 hours (5% transmit, 5% receive, 90% standby)

Frequency stability: +/- 1.0 ppm

RX sensitivity: 0.25 uV

Microphone modulation: 120 mV

Microphone distortion: 12 mV

Error radio: -118 dBm

Adjacent channel power: > 60 dB at narrow bandwidth

Spurious: > -57 dB

Offset frequency: 100 Hz

Modulation: +3dB–3dB

Audio output: internal speaker 1W/12 Ohm, external output 1W/16 Ohm

Audio: +2dB-10dB

Antenna connector: SMA-male (antenna is fixed)

Antenna impedance: 2.5 dBi

Approx. measurements (h x w x d): 125 mm x 53 mm x 33 mm (without antenna and belt clip)

Approx. measurements (h x w x d): 245 mm x 53 mm x 44 mm (with antenna and belt clip)

Weight: 245 gram