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The mAT-10 is a compact and exquisite tuner designed for YAESU FT-817/818, it can also be used in other QRP transceivers. When it is connected to FT-817/818 through a dedicated control cable mAT-CY, it is a dedicated tuner, which can achieve convenient "one-key tuning". If no control cable is used, it is a universal QRP tuner for all low-power transceivers.

The mAT-10 is connected to the ACC port of the FT-817/818 transceiver through control cable. The ACC interface allows an external device such as a PC or the mAT-10 to control the FT-817/818 by sending it serial commands. The mAT-10 has the function of "one key tuning". When the multi-function key on tuner is pressed, the mAT-10 will automatically control the start-up tuning of transceiver.

When mAT-10 is used in other QRP transceivers, it does not need control cables and can work only by connecting RF cables. The tuning process can be completed by pressing the Multi-function on the panel, its operation is very simple.

The three lights in the upper half of the tuner are used to display battery power or current SWR. In the shutdown state, after pressing the multi-function key, the three lights indicate the power level of the battery inside the tuner. On startup, these three lights are used to indicate the current SWR.

The mAT-10 has only one button, which can realize multiple functions. Whether it's for FT-817/818 or other transceivers, this button has the functions of switching power supply, starting tuning, switching online/bypass status, etc. The lower half of the tuner has three indicator lights, which are used to indicate "online/bypass", "tuning process" and "power supply".

The tuner can work within the range of 1.8MHz to 54MHz, at power levels up to 30 watts. It will tune dipoles, verticals, Yagis, or virtually any coax-fed antenna. It will match an amazing range of antennas and impedances, far greater than some other tuners you may have considered, including the built-in tuners on many radios.

The mAT-10 has 16,000 frequency memories. When tuning on or near a previously tuned frequency, the mAT-10 uses "Memory Tune" to recall the previous tuning parameters in a fraction of a second. If no memorized settings are available, the tuner runs a full tuning cycle, storing the parameters for memory recall on subsequent tuning cycles on that frequency. In this manner, the mAT-10 "learns" as it is used, adapting to the bands and frequencies as it goes. You can also start a tuning cycle manually whenever necessary.

Two 10440 lithium batteries are installed in the interior of the mAT-10, which provides power for the tuner. Because of the use of advanced magnetic retaining relays, the power consumption of mAT-10 is very small, the lithium battery can work for a long time after it is fully charged. It is very suitable for outdoor use. Special chargers are provided with tuners. You must use its own charger to charge the tuner. It is dangerous to charge with an incorrect charger.

As you can see, the shell of the mAT-10 is carved out of a whole piece of aluminium, its surface is oxidized to black, and the text on the front panel is carved by laser. It's very small, delicate, beautiful and portable. We believe you will like it.

The control cable mAT-CY of the mAT-10 is used to connect the YAESU FT-817/818 transceiver. It can also be used by mAT-30 to link other YAESU transmitters. It is provided with the tuner and does not need to be purchased by the user. The control cable is a cable with standard mini Din 8 pin plug and it is the same data cable as the mAT-30 tuner. When tuners are used in other transceivers, there is no need to connect control cable.

Special charger attached to tuner, 8.4V 1.0A. It is provided with the tuner and does not need to be purchased by the user. The charger can also be used in the mAT-125E tuner. Please do not use other chargers to charge, which may put tuners in danger.

Before you use the tuner for the first time after you receive it, the tuner needs to be charged to activate the internal battery protection circuit. During transportation, the tuner is in a protective state and cannot be turned on unless you charge it. You need to do the same after you change the battery.


Max 30 Watts SSB and CW peak power, 5 Watts on PSK and digital modes.

1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage. 16,000 memories for instantaneous frequency.

Tuning time: 0.1 to 5 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune.

For dipoles, verticals, Vees, beams, long wire or any coax-fed antenna.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.8 x 6.1 x 2.3 cm

Weight: 300 gram

Please note: The mAT-10 is rated at 30 Watts maximum power input at most. Power levels that significantly exceed specifications will definitely damage or destroy your mAT-10. Be sure to observe the specified power limitations.