VHF / UHF tuner COMET CAT-283

€ 299,00

The Comet CAT-283 covers a frequency range of 144/430 MHz and handles up to 250 Watts power. The built-in diplexer helps tuning each band separately.

Cross needle display shows FWD, REF and PWR simultaneously. Display beautifully illuminated when connected to the power supply.

Technical specifications:

Frequency range: 125-210 MHz / 400-450 MHz

Input impedance: 50 Ohm

Out impedance: 15-200 Ohm

Max. input power: 250 Watts (FM)

Min. power for SWR measurement: 6 Watts

Tolerance: +/- 10%

Connector: M-J type (SO-239)

Lighting power supply: DC 11-15 volt, approx 250 mA

Dimensions in: (W) 218 x (H) 93 (98*) x (D) 120 (152*) mm. * including connectors and knobs.

Weight: approx 1.4 kg