€ 179,00

Technical data:

Operating voltage 220-230V AC / 50-60 Hz

Optional adjustable output voltage 9-15V DC or 13.8 V DC fixed voltage

50 A constant output current / 55 A briefly

Output voltage regulation <2%

Facilities & Safety:

Two-lit analog instruments to display volts and amps

Fixed voltage switch on the back of 13.8 V DC

Rugged metal housing with base

Operation LED display

On / Off switch

DC output jacks on the back

Cigarette lighter socket on the front for small consumers up to 10 A

DC terminal block on the front for small consumers to 3 A

Noise offset wheel for suppressing noise

Fan on the back

Built-in backup

Short circuit protection

Overload Protection

Dimensions W x H x D 170 mm x 125 mm x 260 mm (excluding protrusions)

Weight 2.68 kg