CRT SS-6900 V7 +NRC

€ 199,00

The CRT SS 6900 V7 with NRC function is a verry modern and up-to-date 10M radios on the market.

Updates and new (menu) functions are:



RX compander

Noise gate

RX noise reduction (extra PCB inside the radio)

Microphone type selection: electret or dynamic

Program cable connector on the backside of the radio (program cable is optional)

Extra ventilation holes on the top and bottom cover

Amateur radio HF mobile transceiver, covers the 28 MHz frequency band reserved to Amateur Radio communication. Frequency range 28.000-29.700 kHz,adjustable frequency steps (10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz or 10KHz). Adjustable TX RF power, 12W max AM/CW, 40W max FM, 35W max SSB. Multiple Clarifier operating modes. Flexible menu functions and PC programming software to fit radio to each operator’s demand. Large backlighted blue color LCD Display with digital S/RF Meter, shows full 7-digit frequency readout,plus 2- digit LED display. RF Gain, RF Power, Clarifier, Dual Watch,Scan, TOT, NB/ANL, LOCK, LCD Off, +10KHz, SQ/ASQ functions.High quality Dynamic microphone with UP/DN frequency and AQ controls. DC Voltage display function. SWR protection and power supplied voltage protection. Software allows to program frequency range limits, frequency channels, Mic Gain limits, factory reset function, CW side tone frequency and volume, RB holding time and much more.



Modulation: AM / FM / SSB / CW

Output power: AM/CW: 12 Watt / FM: 40 Watt / SSB: 40 Watt

Channels: 360

Display type: LED display

Display colors: Red




Electrical data

Voltage: 13,8 Volt

Frequency step: 10 kHz / 1 kHz / 10 Hz / 100 Hz /

Frequency stability: 0.001%

Operating temperature: -30° to +55° C

Frequency control: Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer