DG-503 N

€ 169,00

The K-PO DG-503N is a digital high quality SWR / PWR meter for accurate measuring of Forward Power, Reflected Power and SWR. The K-PO DG-503N has a frequency range from 1.6 - 60 and 125 to 525 MHz with a maximum power handling of 200 Watts.

The K-PO DG-503N is the only version with N connectors on the VHF / UHF side.

Our 'N' version has 1x UHF-female input connector and 1x UHF-female output connector for 1.6 - 60 MHz and 1x N-female input connector and 1x N-female output connector for 125 - 525 MHz.

For use with analogue and FDMA modulations. Digital meters don't always measure PEP / SSB modulations correctly, for that you need an analogue meter with PEP function, such as the K-PO RX-503N.