DG-503 Max

€ 179,00

The new K-PO DG-503MAX can now officially measure PEP on AM and SSB, just like traditional analogue meters. But that's not all, it can also measure both digital (DMR) modulations, FDMA and TDMA.

On the backside of the meter is an extra 'MAX' mode switch which allows you to measure PEP (AM and SSB) and TDMA modulation.

The K-PO DG-503MAX is designed to operate between 1.6 - 60 and 125 to 525 MHz with a maximum power handling of 200 Watts. Very accurate meter with 5% power accuracy.

The K-PO DG-503MAX is the only version with N connectors on the VHF/UHF side; 1x UHF-female input connector and 1x UHF-female output connector for 1.6 - 60 MHz and 1x N-female input connector and 1x N-female output connector for 125 - 525 MHz.

To measure Forward Power, Reflected Power and the VSWR of all analogue and digital transceivers.

All can be read out simultaneously on the large, clear and bright digital display of the DG-503MAX.

Made by Nissei, Taiwan.